Seeking maintenance manager with chemical manufacturing experience to join a growing team

Company Name:
Accel Talent and Development Group
Maintenance Manager Requirements
Responsible for managing the maintenance team, collaborating with the plant and department manager(s) to set daily, weekly, and quarterly production goals and performance criteria
Establishes & implements a best practice maintenance system using TPM as a framework, with a focus on prevention
Establishes & maintains a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for tracking work orders, spare parts, and maintenance history of plant equipment
Tracks, analyzes and improves key maintenance parameters such as asset utilization, maintenance cost, PM compliance, schedule compliance, etc.
Manages the maintenance & utilities budgets, & is the lead interface with utility providers
Involved in daily and weekly meetings with the different stakeholders (Shift Coordinators, Quality, Maintenance, Commercial, Manufacturing team, & Feed-stock originators) to discuss problems, priorities etc.
Engages external contractor support as required
Assists with planning and implementing plant improvements & expansions
Organizes task forces for facility efficiency improvements and problem-solving, with a focus on continuous improvement
Fosters an environment of collaboration and trust within the department and with other functions and external parties to maximize productivity, and minimize staff turnover
Assists in the hiring of maintenance team and ensures team is adequately trained, and developed on an on-going basis
Coaches and develops team to create an efficient working climate, organizational structure and minimum headcount costs.
Develop staff 's knowledge and behavior, providing continual development to team members through training and coaching, to promote maintenance best practice
Establish & implement goals & objectives for self & team, to improve job & business performance
Implement & review training & development plans
Develop a high performance workforce with a focus on:
Making a difference
Leading from the front foot - innovate
Hating waste
Being united
Being genuine
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Science, or hold equivalent professional qualification.
Five years' experience in a senior position in a continuous processing chemical operation, preferably in bioethanol production.
Excellent interpersonal skills, including team building, team development and knowledge of the business process, and as a member of the Company's leadership team, set a positive example at all times.
Strong analytical skills
Strong computer skills

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