Leadership Development Program-Hopewell, VA

Job Scope/Purpose:
The Leadership Development Trainee is to build relationships throughout all levels of the organization and learn technical aspects of the role. During that time, the trainee will develop leadership skills and complete required training to advance to future management role.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Leadership Development Trainee will learn and develop through a matrix especially designed to teach critical areas of development such as: leaderships, technical learning, safety, customer relationships and financial responsibilities.
Work Environment:
Will encompass large industrial cleaning equipment, materials, water blasters and vacuum trucks.
Will periodically use computers.
Working conditions: outside work, extreme temperatures-hot and cold, noisy conditions, shift work, flexible schedules, on call and 24/7 availability.
Physical effort required: Heavy lifting, working with large machinery, confined spaces and heights.
Travel required: Regular overnight travel will be required for this position.
Must have one of the following to enter the LDP Program: Military, 4 Year Degree, 2 Year Degree with supervisory experience or 2-4 years in an industrial environment.
Exhibit exceptional leadership skills.
Technical inclination and desire to work in an outside environment 90% of the time.
Good communication skills-both oral and written.
Relates well and has a proven track record of building relation ships with others.
Detail orientated and excellent problem solving skills.
Must have knowledge of Microsoft Office: Outlook, Power Point, EXCEL, etc.
Valid driver's license required.
Able to physically control industrial hydro blasting and vacuum equipment.
Able to carry industrial hoses(up to 60 lbs.) up and down multiple flights of stairs.
Must be able and not afraid to enter confined spaces.
Must not be afraid of heights.
Must be safety conscious and have good work
Ability to respond for assignments within 1 hour.
Must have telephone access and able to be reached at all times.
Willing to relocate at completion of program
Must complete all pre and post training including safety, new hire, and regulatory.
Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Holidays, Vacation, 401K and Life.

Don't Be Fooled

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