Control Room Operator (12 mo+ contract)


The person holding this position conducts the operations of an electric generation facility in a safe, reliable and efficient manner; in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures. ?Monitors plant performance and takes corrective actions based upon independent judgment of alarms received.? Coordinates activities and may direct the activities of other plant personnel.?



Principal Duties and Responsibilities:


1.????? Monitors operations through process instrumentation and computer outputs. Systems monitored include, but are not limited to:

  • Plant steam and process steam

  • Feedwater system

  • Boiler ducts & flues

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Turbine lube oil system

  • Grate speed & feeders

  • Main steam temperature & pressure

  • Condensate systems

  • Load control

  • Coal handling system

  • Make-up water system

  • Auxiliary equipment

2.????? Determines origin of system deviation and takes corrective action through activating control mechanisms in control room, directing equipment and utility operators, or contacting shift supervisor.

3.????? Performs the following recordkeeping tasks:

???????? Maintains all required operation logs and reports of daily operation, recording all disruptions to the system

???????? Records hourly the amount of electrical generation and auxiliary usage

???????? Records control room readings as required

???????? Completes daily generation sheet

???????? Completes and records daily coal scale and steam flow reading totals

4.????? Performs functional turbine test daily and weekly.

5.????? Activates mechanism to blow soot periodically.

6.????? Maintains proper bunker level through activating mechanisms to coal up as required.

7.????? Communicates with host utility dispatcher concerning production requirements..

8.????? Provides training and technical instruction to the Asst. CROs, Equipment Operators, Utility Operators and trainees.

9.????? Handles incoming communications for the plant and monitors the front gate.

10.?? Performs miscellaneous tasks as directed by the shift supervisor.

11.?? Participates in organized training programs and augments the training program through independent study of the plant?s operating system.

12.?? Ensures assigned tools, equipment and work areas are properly maintained and secured.

13.?? Observes plant safety rules, performs assigned tasks in a safe manner and is alert for unsafe acts and conditions.

14.?? Performs assigned duties as a member of fire brigade.

Required Job-Related Knowledge and Qualifications:


1.????? Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and perform basic mathematical computations. High school diploma or equivalent required, plus an Associate Degree in engineering and two years power plant experience or four years power plant experience in operations.

2.????? Comprehensive understanding of plant systems

3.????? Knowledge of emergency procedures

4.????? Fundamental understanding of electrical systems and motor control centers

5.????? Thorough understanding of boiler chemistry and ability to operate boiler chemistry test equipment

6.????? Comprehension of flow prints

7.????? Ability to communicate clearly with plant personnel and to give and receive instructions over a radio and P.A.

8.????? Ability to see clearly; safely and readily identifying the labels, gauges, dials and indicators typically encountered while performing the job duties

9.????? Ability to read, write and understand instructions and procedures

10.?? Ability to work rotating shifts for 24 hour coverage, including holidays, nights and weekends



Physical Requirements/Working Conditions:


1.????? Ability to perform manual tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Shoveling

  • Raking

  • Operating hand tools

  • Manipulating valves

2.????? Ability to lift a minimum of 80 lbs.

3.????? Ability to climb stairs and ladders

4.????? Ability to bend and maneuver in tight, cramped quarters

5.????? Ability to work in hot, noisy and dark environments. Ability to work in high places

6.????? Ability to work with and wear respiratory protection

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